Keith's roots make him relatable. His background brings SURPRISE conversations where everyone gets a chance to Laugh and Enjoy his positive energy and Hilariously insightful perspective!

Keith Terry was physically born in Arkadelphia, AR. 


He started his artistic journey at Loony Bin in Little Rock, AR followed by shows in 47+ states, three different countries. 


Keith Terry started his career out by performing with many other Great Comedians, such as Paul Mooney, Pablo Francisco, Frank Caliendo, among others.


Keith has written for Comedy Central and has opened for the Michael Bublé tour twice. 


Keith continues to be drawn to the mic wherever there’s a stage and a mic seeking out his ART!  


Keith is known for his mixture of the observational, physical style of comedy, and his intimate off-the-cusp connection to the audience.


"Comedy is MY first LOVE."

Keith Terry
I had the privilege of interviewing Keith Terry to find out what drives him and inspires him to be the artist he is today. 
Find out more about the intimate details of his story.